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Huntley Pain Specialists has been an evolving part of San Diego County since 1991. Our primary focus is to effectively control pain disorders or injuries with a multidisciplinary approach to improve our patient’s quality of life. Patients that we have committed to restore their active lives, first came to HPS with little hope of resolution to their pain conditions. Our staff and physicians are dedicated to providing their patients with the highest quality medical care from your initial referral to continuous office visits. Our practice collaborates with respected referring primary care physicians and other healthcare specialists to tailor a comprehensive treatment plan specific to each patient’s medical history. Huntley Pain Specialists is proud to be one of the most established and trusted offices for San Diego pain management.

Our Goal Is To Redefine Your Pain

Our San Diego pain management locations provide a wide range of services designed to manage pain and revitalize patient’s lives. Dr. Huntley and Dr. Van Noord are experienced in all modalities of pain management to provide specialized treatment and management of acute or chronic pain. Each patient can anticipate an evaluation of their medical history, examination by our board-certified physicians and physician assistants, diagnosis of pain ailment, specific treatment options including complimentary therapies for rehabilitation. Treatment plans consist of minimally invasive therapies to more advanced implantable devices.

At Huntley Pain Specialists, The physicians and staff work together to provide the highest quality medical and rehabilitative treatment programs to be a leading San Diego pain management practice. Our staff is certified in all areas of pain management and receives continual education to ensure HPS’ patient satisfaction standards. We understand the effects of acute and chronic pain, which disrupts our patient’s lifestyle. Thus, we pride ourselves on building a comprehensive pain management program in “Helping You Get Back to Life.”

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